Sustainable tourism

A brand new city festival in Venice to enhance local products and gastronomy 


The Venice Food Days (provisional title) is a brand new festival taking place in Venice which aims at enhancing local products and gastronomy as integral part of the local cultural heritage. Read more here >>

Culinary Krakow. Heritage on the plate

Despite Krakow’s extremely rich culture heritage, attracting millions of tourists every year, issues of gastronomic heritage so far have not been underlined as a part of city’s tourist product. Furthermore, Krakow was awarded a title of the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture, which will most probably increase visitors’ interest of city’s gastronomic heritage and gastronomic market in general.

The pilot action will be addressed to specific groups of visitors coming to Krakow, who are interested in exploring a destination through food, gastronomy and gastronomic heritage, as well as Slow Food movement values.