Public Markets

Flavours and gastronomic experience at Kecskemét Green Market

The Pilot Action of Kecskemét stands on two pillars: supporting and prioritizing producers, and environmental education of children. Kecskemét Green Market has always played an important role in the everyday life of the city. Almost 300 producers are continuously present at the Market, but besides them there are numerous farmers who come to the Market with their seasonal products. Most of the producers have been present there for 25-30 years. They arrive from Kecskemét and within a 40-km zone around the city. Kecskemét Green Market has always put great emphasis on supporting producers thus the fee producers need to pay for their stalls is less than that of the traders’ fee. Producers are presented on the webpage of Kecskemét Green Market

As for the implementation of the project, an earth market with regular tastings will be set up at the Green Market. At the beginning one session per month is going to be organized, where besides selling local products, tastings and presentations will take place (e.g. baking bread with locally milled flour in wood fired oven, or presenting live bees). Groups of children will be invited to each program who will have the opportunity to enjoy these interesting programs at the Market.

Several information boards will be placed all over the Market that will call visitors’ attention to the importance of environmentally friendly lifestyle (e.g. composting, collecting rainwater, setting up kitchen gardens or protecting bees).

By raising awareness we will use environmentally friendly packaging and separate waste collection there. Producers will have the opportunity to take part in trainings. Over the year we will be present at many programs in the town and on national level, where our traditional food and dishes will be promoted through cooking and tastings. Local restaurants will also be involved.

Groups of children have always been invited to Kecskemét Green Market, and we would like to welcome them there in the future, too. By taking them to guided tours at the Market, they can become familiar with the importance of living an environmentally friendly life, as well as eating vegetables and fruit regularly in a playful way. By involving schools and kindergartens our aim is to ensure the environmental education of youngsters, and to teach them how to live a conscious life through tastings, games and promotional materials.