Food Education

Taste the diversity of South Moravia

Activity 1: Schools and teachers

Translation and local adaptation of the Slow Food Taste education kit “To the Origins of Taste”

The kit “To the Origins of Taste”, which has been produced by Slow Food, provides a sensory education course to train children’s senses to recognize quality food. It can be used for groups of all sizes and ages, such as in the classroom. 

During the pilot action the course will be translated from English into Czech language, adapted to the local cultural situation, and printed for the use of Brno school teachers.

Delivery and evaluation of the educational course “To the Origins of Taste” at 3 schools in Brno

In order to evaluate the adaptation of the Taste educational kit, it will be verified by teachers in practical education with children at 3 Brno schools. A lecturer will train teachers in using the educational course. Afterwards the teachers will use the course resources to try them out in classrooms. 

Taste the season – seasonal menus for chefs and school cooks 

The best teaching tool about food is a good, tasty meal. Therefore this activity will create a menu of various seasonal recipes of meals typical for the Brno and South Moravian region. The recipes will highlight the diversity of fruits and vegetables typical for the region. Recipes will be prepared for professional use in the gastronomy and school kitchens, with pictures, ingredient list and preparation technique. The menu will be available online for any chef to use, and will be printed in the form of a cook book for public.

Online and print farm and local products catalogue 

The activity will include a research of farms and artisanal producers that produce healthy, clean and fair food in the South Morava territory; this will be initiated as part of the mapping of Gastronomic heritage. Selected producers and their products, which help to preserve the local GH, will be showcased in the online catalogue based on the web portal, which is run by the Tourist Authority South Moravia. The catalogue will be used by chefs from the public catering sector to select local ingredients to prepare healthy and tasty meals and thus help preserve the Gastronomic heritage of the South Moravian region. 

Activity 2: Gastronomic heritage in the streets: exhibitions, tasting and cooking. 

See and taste the biodiversity of the Brno region.

In cooperation with the Mendel University Brno and its Faculty of Horticulture, tasting exhibition of the seasonal fruits and vegetables of the South Moravian region will be held during the period. The goal is to show children and public the rich diversity of traditional fruits and vegetable available locally in season. The exhibitions will be accompanied by tasting sessions, presentations by University students and cooking workshops.

Taste South Morava from Farm to Fork

Practical hands-on workshops for children and public to show and teach traditional cooking, food preparation and food preserving techniques. We will show how to cook traditional South Moravian dishes, how to preserver fruits, vegetables and herbs, and how to make bread at home. The goal is to bring the farmers, chefs and consumers together to celebrate the joy of cooking local fresh seasonal food together and thus learn about the rich GH of the region. 


  • Practical worskshops: hands-on workshops guided by chefs and artisanal producers showing how to preserve fresh produce. 
  • To the origin of taste: practical workshops for Brno school pupils. Tasting of diverse range of fruits and vegetables.
  • Chef’s table: selected chefs will prepare a three course menu from the exhibited produce, public will be invited to share the table with the chefs.
  • Seed exchange: during the exhibitions public can bring their own seeds and exchange them for other seeds on display.
  • Round table with farmers and chefs: local farmers and chefs will be invited to discuss how they can cooperate in bringing fresh produce and local seasonal products to the Brno kitchens.

Children’s Farmers Market 

Children’s Farmers’ Market activity is designed to provide teachers with a wide range of engaging and informative food and farming related activities. The activity gives pupils a chance to immerse themselves in an exciting eight week enterprise project in which they learn about food and farming. 

The Children’s Farmers Market will be a ‘real farmers’ market held in the Brno “Zelný trh” (farmers market), organized by selected Brno schools and their pupils with the cooperation of the City of Brno. Pupils will be instrumental in organizing the market and setting up and running their own stalls, selling their own grown and baked produce, and inviting local food producers – bakers, butchers, vegetable growers, cheese makers, beekeepers, jam makers and chutney makers – to sell their goods. Members of the local community will be welcome to browse and to shop for fresh local produce.