Gastronomy at the crossroads of Europe 

A region of narrow lanes of historic towns, beautiful castles, chateaux and picturesque wine cellars. Historically its always been the crossroads of Europe – routes travelling from east to west and from north to south have intersected here. The local gastronomy takes its inspiration from that influences as weel as its folk traditions. Also the fertility of the region with plenty of grain, potatoes, fruit and wine gives special features to the local cuisine. The common kitchen was simple but decorated with fruit dumplings, patents (potato pancake with plum jam and poppy seed) or hearty soup of beans and peas.

The sun-lit South Moravia is significant for several traditions that were born in its regions. Podhorácko boasts its Ivančice asparagus. In Podyjí unique Znojmo cucumbers were born. The tradition of Mikulov and Znojmo wines and wine festivals is already a phenomenon. If you come to Brno, enjoy the atmosphere of the Cabbage Market.

Asparagus in Ivančice

The most famous asparagus plantations in Ivančice come from the early 19th century. At that time, the Ivančice asparagus, or “špargel”, was more famous than Pilsen beer and was exported to the whole of Europe, including the imperial court in Vienna. Pharmacist Anton Worell as the originator of the Ivančice asparagus miracle, who cultivated this crop in bulk in 1829. The cultivation of asparagus declined both after the First and the Second World War when investors shifted their focus to sugar beet.