Cultural events

A multimedia exhibition dedicated to gastro-cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik area

The Pilot Action comprises the organization and launch of a multimedia exhibition dedicated to gastro-cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik area (the territory of the former Republic of Dubrovnik). The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention of the wider public to a vast cultural treasure, which has been under-valorised and it has almost perished from the local menus, from the local language, the tourist offer, exhibition venues, scientific works.

The exhibition central component are video interviews conducted by the project team within the framework of the field research that are accompanied by the material collected through the desk research. There is going to be a tasting component to the exhibition too, as some of the products and dishes mentioned by the interviewees will be provided for tasting.

Through the exhibits the visitors are going to get an insight into the gastro-cultural treasures of the mentioned area (a geographic representation of the whole territory showing the places the interviewees are talking about and where they are from) and they will receive information about the interviewees’ professions and the local dialect words, which are singled out, referring to the production processes, tasting or food celebrations mentioned in the interviews (local dialects as a part of the cultural treasure).

The aim of the exhibition to present to the visitors the former and current dynamics between the City of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area, being the “feeder” of the City, and help them create a mental map of the territory that was functioning as a single organism for centuries, which the current administrative organization has fragmented into a number of separate units. Therefore, the visitors will also get a chance to be informed more about it.

Besides, as a result of a careful selection of the interviewees the visitors will get an insight into the social and economic processes that have led to the situation that the gastro-cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik area is in today, but they will also be introduced to ideas how to properly revitalize it in the contemporary context.

The idea behind the exhibition is to incite interest of the wider public in the gastro-cultural heritage in order to be actively involved in its preservation, and to demonstrate that its today’s keepers – individuals-enthusiasts – have no support, aid or backing from the system, what would definitely need to be changed.